my side gigs

For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to give back to my community and help people in any way that I can. Check me out and please donate if the mood should strike ya! :)


minoritites in aviation

I was in the Marines for 9 years  4 months and 20 days, but who's counting right? I LOOOOVED working on helicopters, and airplanes, and windturbines for a living but one thing that was hard for me not to notice was how there were very few people who looked and talked like me.  There are very few minorities in technological industries and I intend to do something about it. I am creating a non-profit organization exposes minority children to aviation. I figured if my crazy ass could make it this far then I could convince a bunch of brown babies that they can too. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY GoFundME page and see what we're all about.


rememberlife CBD

Coming soon to a theater near you, I'll be offering  everything from full spectrum CBD oil, to pain salves, to CBD infused chapstick. I got to the point where I literally couldn't sleep for more than a half hour at a time because I was so damn uncomfortable in my body.  CBD-IS-THE-TRUTH (insert hand clap emojis).  I will also be offering 100 % THC free product options and multiple options for vegan consumers to enjoy! Please check back soon for more!!

"One of the deep secrets in life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others."- Lewis Carroll